Electric Vehicle Integration of Solar Energy with Booster Converter

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M.Sangeetha , P.Ranjith kumar , P.Shanthi , G.Malathi , Santhosh P , Dharun R , Vijay S


The integration of solar energy systems with electric vehicle (EV) applications presents an innovative approach towards enhancing the sustainability and efficiency of transportation. This abstract explores the development and implementation of a new boost converter topology tailored specifically for solar-powered EV charging. The boost converter is a critical component that efficiently increases the voltage from solar panels to levels suitable for charging EV batteries, optimizing energy utilization and reducing reliance on grid power. The proposed boost converter design addresses key challenges associated with solar energy integration in EVs, such as maximizing power conversion efficiency and maintaining stable output voltage across varying solar conditions. By leveraging advanced control algorithms and novel circuit topologies, the converter ensures reliable operation under dynamic solar input, enabling consistent and efficient charging performance for EVs. This research aims to bridge the gap between renewable energy sources and electric mobility, fostering sustainable transportation solutions.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.52783/rifaj.536


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