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Rivista Italiana (Italian Journal) Starting point of this publishing venture has been the consideration of the lack of interest for the analytic approach and studies, within the Italian philosophical panorama, particularly addressing towards the students' work.

Filosofia Analitica (Analytic Philosophy) The journal proposes different themes for those who are interested in the analytic philosophical approach, whose main focus is that of making use of a specific and precise form of argumentation for reasoning, explaining ideas, holding to a philosophical position. Such an approach is, thus, based on the accurate, clear development and justification of each brick of knowledge and intellectual proposal, under the principles of intellectual honesty and respect.

Junior The journal aims at being a publishing device for students only (undergraduate, BA/MA, Ph.D.). The peer-review process, supported by the scientific board which stands behind it, is the system which grants the value and reliability of the contents of the articles, along with the intellectual growth of the partecipants who will receive reviews and suggestions for their work. Our journal is to be intended as a starting point for the research activity, not as a final destination or as a point of arrival.

Authorship In order to guarantee competence and absolute impartiality for the expression of every kind of contents, and, moreover, in order to avoid misunderstandings, the Editorial Board is in charge of both automatically forwarding all the articles received to the Scientific Board and, at the same time, not to be author of any articles whatsoever. The members of the Editorial Board will however enrich the contents of the issues with other kinds of contributions like interviews, reportages, editorials and philosophical puzzles proposals and book reviews

Peer Review Process

Received papers, if in compliance with RIFAJ’s standards, are submitted to a double-blind peer review process. Papers are sent for formal review to three referees, chosen from the journal’s scientific committee in view of their area of expertise.

Papers that receive at least two positive opinions get published. A referee may require that the author makes some changes in order for her paper to be accepted. If this is the case, the referee's comments are sent to the author via the editorial team, leaving the referee anonymous.

Received reviews, if in compliance with the journal’s standards, are evaluated by RIFAJ’s internal reviews committee. Under exceptional circumstances, e.g. length or importance of the reviewed book, we may consider longer contributions. We strongly discourage naked summaries as opposed to reviews containing some critical insight, little as it may be. An updated list of publications that we consider suitable for reviewing is available. Review proposals of further publications are nonetheless welcome.

Publication Frequency

The journal is published twice a year. The first issue has no specific subject; the second one can be special issue, the choice of which is within the scope of the Editor. The subject will be notified through the specific Call for Papers/Call for Reviews for the autumn issue. The Editor strongly recommends the authors to submit contributions relevant to the subject.

Open Access Policy

This journal grants open and instant access to its contents, following the principle for which making them freely and publicly available will increase the level of the global exchange of knowledge.


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Journal History

The project was born in 2010, when Ettore Brocca and Leonardo Caffo conceived of common and open philosophical research homebase for students.

The editorial and publishing processes of the journal involve three distinct functional organs:

  • Editorial Board (exclusively composed by students and dynamically renewed at the end of each student's career)
  • Scientific Board (exclusively composed by professors and researchers)
  • Authors (Undergraduate, BA/MA and Ph.D. students)

The scope of each one of these organs is thoroughly explained in the appropriate section, concerning the areas of interest, the focus and the policies of the journal.

The journal is supported by the DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals (http://www.doaj.org) and is officially sponsored by the Italian society for analytic philosophy SIFA - Società Italiana di Filosofia Analitica (http://www.sifa.unige.it), since 2011.

Starting from November 2011, RIFAJ is hosted by Riviste Unimi (http://riviste.unimi.it), under the joint management of the University of Milan and CILEA (http://www.cilea.it).


Past members of the editorial board: (in alphabetical order)

  • Matilde Aliffi
  • Flavio Basso
  • Leda Berio
  • Martina Botti
  • Ettore Brocca
  • Gianmarco Brunialti Masera
  • Leonardo Caffo
  • Mariaflavia Cascelli
  • Daniele Mario Cassaghi
  • Bianca Cepollaro
  • Fabio Ceravolo
  • Giovanni Cinà
  • Mattia Cozzi
  • Michele Herbstritt
  • Giacomo Lini
  • Giulia Lorenzi
  • Carlo Monti
  • Marco Nicolini
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  • Martina Rosola
  • Martina Rovelli
  • Giorgio Sbardolini
  • Maria Scarpati
  • Mattia Sorgon
  • Andrea Togni

Vol. 14 No. 2 (2023)

Published: 2023-08-03

Review Based on Visual Cryptographic Scheme and Applications

Pramod Bachiphale, Nitish Zulpe (Author)

81 - 87

Analysing the impact of Digital Health Technologies on Healthcare Practices: A Computer Engineering and Medical Humanities Study.

Gonesh Chandra Saha, Hasi Saha, Joti Devi, Uttam Barman, Rahul Prakash, Vijay Singh, Prasanta Kumar Parida (Author)


Artificial Intelligence in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Enhancing Quality Control and Decision Making.

Gonesh Chandra Saha, Lima Nasrin Eni, Hasi Saha, Prasanta Kumar Parida, Ravichandaran Rathinavelu, Sanjiv Kumar Jain, Barun Haldar (Author)


K R Meera’s “The Poison of Love”: An Essential Feminism

Harishma. H.R, Dr. Shilipi Bhattacharya (Author)

127 - 134

Improvement of marketing management in the activities of "Daka-Tex" LLC.

Musayeva Shoira Azimovna, Usmonova Dilfuza Ilkhomovna, (Author)

165 - 171

Teaching competency of Prospective Secondary School Teachers

V. Jeevanantham, Dr. I. Muthuchamy (Author)

172 - 181

Analysis of the Russian-Ukraine War- A Global Economic Perspective

Mayurakshi Ojah, Dr. Gour Gopal Banik (Author)

196 - 208

Under water Image Enhancement and Classification

Manoj Pandian GV, Surendar M, Raja Pandi L, Bharath M (Author)

209 - 220

Financial Inclusion Index Through Mgnregs in Tamilnadu, India

Mrs. J. Angel Priya, Dr. M. Banumathi (Author)

221 - 229

Active and interactive methods of learning: review, classifications and examples.

Ruzieva Nasiba Kenzhaevna, Mamadkulova Kamila Abdukhalikovna (Author)


Histogenesis of Human Lung with Special Histochemical Stains in Aborted Fetuses at Different Weeks of Gestation

S. Savitha, N. Vishali, G. Ramulu, B. Swapna Kumari, N. Hima Bindu, L. Peter (Author)

312 - 332

Hadoop-Based Big Data Sentiment Analysis Using Machine Learning

Hamsitha Challagundla, Athulya Biju, Aaditri Mittal, Philip Eugene Abraham (Author)

386 - 394

The Reveal of Fake News on Twitter Using Credibility Analysis and Multimodal Approach

Mr. S. Uthayashangar, B. Devibala, B. Kalyani Varshini, P. Mounishaa (Author)

465 - 471

An Empirical Study on Sustainable Human Resource Management Practices to improve effective Green Human Resource Management Practices in IT Sector

Mrs. P Kranthi, Dr M. Geeta, Dr Kiran Kumar Thoti, Mr. Mohammed Abdul Mateen, Dr. K. Nageswara Rao (Author)

472 - 478

Detection Of Phishing Attack Using Gan With Rfc

Mrs. S. Gayathri, Gokul. S, Mohanshyam. N, Sudharsan. P (Author)

479 - 487

Hand Gesture Recognition

Ms. Kavitha. C, Dhanuja Sri. P, Suvedha. M, Suriya Priya. K (Author)

488 - 496

Dyslexi Duo: Design and Implementation of a comprehensive solution for Dyslexic Students

Dr. R. Deepalakshmi, Shanmuga Priya M, Sneha S, Janani Priya T K, Srivarshini S (Author)

516 - 530

Evaluation Of Black Turmeric (Curcuma Caesia) Genotypes for Growth, Yield and Quality

V. Narendhiran, S. Madhavan, S. Anuja, M. Thiruppathi (Author)

531 - 535

Job Performance of Expatriates in Health Care Sector: A Review Article


536 - 552

Results Of Drug Treatment Of Hemangiomas During Infantry

Karimov M. A., Nurmatova Kh. H. (Author)

561 - 563

A Study of Video Marketing as a Strategic Tool for E-Commerce in Bangalore

Vipanchi V., Dr. Manju Priya R., Vinutha N. V. (Author)

582 - 594

An Evaluation of The Mid-Day Meal Scheme Implemented in Primary Schools of Sonitpur District of Assam

Dr. Rituparna Choudhury, Darpana Saikia, Pinechumi Konwar, Suprava Deb Roy (Author)

595 - 604

Level of Historical Culture of Intermediate School Students

Narges Aidan Kazem Hammadi, Mahdi Jader Habib (Author)


Role of Radiology in a Celiac Disease’s Patient Assessment

Eman Mazyad Alruwaili, Abdalrahim Mohammed Siralkhatim Alhassan (Author)


Optimization Of Organization and Conducting of Telerehabilitation of Patients After Stroke

Mavlyanova Zilola Farkhadovna, Kim Olga Anatolevna, Sharipov Rustam Hayitovich, Rakhmatullina Luiza Rustamovna, Bulyakova Gulnaz Akhtyamovna, Akhmadeeva Leyla Rinatovna (Author)

653 - 656

Development of a Personalized Rehabilitation Program: A Clinical Case

Sharipov Rustam Hayitovich, Kim Olga Anatolevna, Axmedova Maxbuba Maxmudovna, Mavlyanova Zilola Farxadovna, Rakhmatullina Luiza Rustamovna, Bulyakova Gulnaz Akhtyamovna, Akhmadeeva Leila Rinatovna (Author)

668 - 672

Linguistic Features of The Modern Newspaper Language: Analysis and Research

Bobojonov Dilshod Jumaqul ugli, Halilova Shohista Muhammadi qizi, Umarova Maftunbonu Umidjanovna, Turdaliyeva Shahnoza O'ktamovna, Gulnora Xolmurodova Sattorovna (Author)

700 - 707

Characteristics of the Neo-Victorian Novel in the "French Lieutenant's Woman" By John Fowles

Sodikova Bakhtigul Ibodullaevna, Berdiyev Suhrob Sobirovich, Togaev Bobur Erkin ugli, Hafizov Sarvar Boborajab ugli, Maxsumov Rustam Maxamadiyevich (Author)

708 - 713

A Study of The Quality Assessment of Two Varieties of Pomace and Grape Oil of Local Origin

Azizov Miraziz Ravshanbekovich, Akramova Rano Ramizitdinovna (Author)

714 - 718

Green-Flowered Black Root - Cynoglossum Viridiflorum Pall.Ex. Lehm., In The Flora Of The Republic Of Karakalpakstan

A. B. Ajiev, G. J. Sabirova, J. N. Usnatdinov, L. M. Yuldashova (Author)

719 - 723

Features Of Interrogative Words in Different System Languages

Djumanova Dilbar Rahimovna, Normamatova Dilfuza Turdikulona, Kodirova Lola Muzaffarovna (Author)

728 - 740

Towards Dalit Literature: A study of Joothan by Om Prakash Valmiky

Manjusha Mandaokar & Dr. Shilpi Bhattacharya (Author)

778 - 781

Supply Chain Innovation – 5W1H

D N Roopa, Adya Palled, Akanksh (Author)

840 - 858

Apixaban vs Rivaroxaban Blood Thinner Use Reduced Stroke and Clot Risk in Patients with Heart Disease and Arrhythmia

Dr. Imran Aslam, Yuldashev Soatboy Jiyanboevich, Arslonova Rayxon Rajabboevna (Author)

883 - 889

Study Of Ant aggregational and Anticoagulation Activity of The Five-Leaf Gynostemma (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum (Thunb.) Makino)

Ibragimova E.F.., Galiakhmetova E.Kh., Yuldashev S.J., Shukurova D B., Nizamova А.А., Kudashkina N.V. (Author)

890 - 896

The Effect of Mdr-1 Gene Polymorphism Genotypes on The Structure and Effectiveness of Treatment of Chronic Gastritis

Yuldashev Soatboy Jiyanboevich, Musaeva Dilfuza Maxmudovna, Baymurodov Esan Suyunovich, Burkhanova Dilovar Sadridinova (Author)

897 - 903

Epidemiological Characteristics of Acute Respiratory Infection During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Atoeva Mashkhura Abrorovna, Khayitov Abdulaziz Khaidarovich, Hakimov Tuymurod Baxtiyorovich (Author)

904 - 908

Analysis on Workplace Conflicts be Settled Down with the Help of Mediation



The Ideological Significance of Culture in English-Language Philosophy

Dina Shigabutdinova, Ruziev Nodir Qayumovich (Author)


Energy Management and Secured Data Aggregation using Elliptical Curve Cryptography in WSN

D. Saravanan, C. Jayapratha, Hajirabe. AB, B. SundaraPandian, R. Delshi Howsalya Devi (Author)

945 - 954

Analysis, Diagnostic, and Treatment of Gastric Cancer using Machine Learning Techniques: A Study

R. Delshi Howsalya Devi, S. Parasuraman, A. Manimaran, T. Sangeetha Sudhakar (Author)

955 - 964

Influence of Nano-Finishing Process on Fatigue Life of Stainless Steel-304

S. Dineshkumar, P. Palanikumar , R. Praveen, T. Thilak, P. Kasinatha Pandian (Author)

965 - 978

Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Blockchain Based Secure Collaborative Recommender System

C. Jayapratha, D. Saravanan, R. DelshiHowsalya Devi, T. Sangeetha, AB. Hajirabe (Author)

979 - 984

Trust Based Security Model for Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks

A.B. Hajirabe, D. Saravanan, C. Jayapratha, S. Parasuraman, A. Manimaran (Author)

985 - 996

Virtual Reality Headset for Reducing Psychological Burden Of Self-Quarantine Patient Using Artificial Intelligence

T. Sangeetha, A. Manimaran, S. Parasuraman, T. Thilak, B. Sundara Pandian (Author)

997 - 1011

Impact of CRM strategies on Customer Retention: Retail Store Customers Perception

S. Shahul Ameed, S. Senthil Kumar, P. Kasinatha Pandian, S. Dineshkumar, P. Palanikumar (Author)

1012 - 1022

Effectiveness of Motivation and Quality of Work Life on Employee Engagement and Employee Productivity

S. Shahul Ameed, S. Senthil Kumar, P. Kasinatha Pandian, B. Sundara Pandian, J. Sudhakar (Author)

1023 - 1028

Worker Participation at Workplace During Epidemic

S. Shahul Ameed, S. Senthil Kumar, T. Thilak, J. Sudhakar, R. Praveen (Author)

1029 - 1035

Studies On Salt Fog Corrosion Behaviour of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Alloys

R. Praveen, P. Palani Kumar, S. Dinesh kumar, D. Saravanan (Author)

1036 - 1041

Development Of Smart Cities in India

Dhayalan V, Deepa V S, Chandrasekaran Dk (Author)

1042 - 1049

A Study on Customer Segmentation Using K-Means Clustering for Online Shoppers

Dr. R. Mary Metilda, Mr. Vishnu Durai. R. S, Agarshana. P (Author)

1050 - 1058

Gender Study on Understanding the Role of Fitness in Self Concept

Dr. P. Priyadarsini, Dr. G. Kerinab Beenu (Author)

1059 - 1065

A Study on Job Satisfaction of Employees with Reference to Finolet

Dr Jeya lakshmi R, Dr. K. Sentamil selvan, Dr. S. Helen Roselin Gracy, Dr. K. Maran (Author)

1072 - 1081

Topological Operators Over Bipolar Intuitionistic Fuzzy α-Ideal of A Bp-Algebra

“S. Siva kaminathan, Dr. K. Gunase karan, Dr. S. Nanda kumar (Author)

1082 - 1090

The Factors That Influence Students for the Selection of Higher Education Institutions- The TPB

Ms. Shivali Yadav, Dr. Aparna Marwah, Dr. Daljeet Singh Bawa, Dr. Ashima Bhatnagar, Dr. Bhawna Duggal (Author)

1092 - 1097

Social Reforms of Sree Chattampi Swamikal in Kerala

V.T. Jayasree, Dr. A. H Mohideen Badshah (Author)

1116 - 1118

Struggles Of Chattampi Swamikal Against Caste Divisions in Kerala

V.T. Jayasree, Dr. A. H Mohideen Badshah (Author)

1119 - 1122

A Symbol of Early Chola Excellence the Sayavaneswarar Temple

A. Agoramoorthy, Dr. T. Ravichandran (Author)

1123 - 1127

Sustainable Industrial Development: Balancing Economic Growth and Environmental Concerns

Prabhjot Singh Khera, Dr. Abhilash Kumar Shrivastava (Author)

1128 - 1138

Social Media as A Tool for Improving Communication Skills of College Students

Mr. Upakul Patowary, Dr Jeuti Talukdar (Author)

1139 - 1151

Big Data in Human Resource Management - Exploring Opportunities and Challenges to Manage Human Capital

Dr. Varadaraj Aravamudhan, Dr K Sivakumar, K. Mohanasundaram (Author)

1152 - 1163

A Paradigms shift in Apparel Industry

Monika Gupta, Gunja Soni (Author)


Perceived Organizational Justice and Employee Performance: Trust as A Mediator

Dr. Jayashree Patole, Dr. Debjani Guha, Dr. Khyati Tejpal (Author)

1206 - 1215

An Empirical study and analysis of Investors Unclaimed Money, Volume, Reasons and Corrective Measures.

Dr. Jaydip Raval, Dr. Meghana Bhilare, Dr. Gautam Trehan (Author)

1216 - 1219

Hydrotropic Solubilization of Anticancer Agents for Oral Drug Delivery and Analytical Method Development: A Review

Santosh Karajgi, R.V. Kulkarni, Shripad Potadar, Anand Ingale (Author)

1220 - 1228

On the first set J_n (α,β,K;x) of Bi-orthogonal Polynomials suggested by the Jacobi Polynomials

N. M. Kavathekar, G. A. Dhanorkar, Vidhyadhar Nalawade, T. B. Jagtap (Author)

1229 - 1234

Evolution of South Korean Literature with special reference to Han Kang

Ms. Sonal Singh, Dr. Shilpi Bhattacharya (Author)

1251 - 1257

Shackled Lives: Unraveling Prostitution and Trafficking of Women in Kashmir

Shabir Ahmad Dar, Dr. J. Muthukumar (Author)

1302 - 1309

A Comparative Analysis of Leach and DEEC WSN Routing Protocols Using MATLAB

Dr. Manish Sahajwani, Ms. Namrata Nebhnani (Author)

1310 - 1319

Mapping the Landscape of Political Branding Research: A Bibliometric Analysis

Dr. Manpreet Kaur, Ms Kiran, Deepanshi Passi (Author)

1320 - 1329

A Bibliometric Analysis of Green Banking: Evidences from the Last Decade

Ruchika Nachaal, Dr. Parveen Singh Kalsi (Author)

1330 - 1339

Reversible Data Hiding in Medical Images Using Histogram Modification

Prakasha Raje Urs M, Santhosh Kumar B N , Dr. Sheela T (Author)

1354 - 1359

Amphibious Trash Collector System

Dr Bhushankumar Nemade, Somil Doshi, Preet Desai, Aditeya Prajapati, Kiarah Patel, Kiran Maharana (Author)

1360 - 1371


Retracted (Author)



Retracted (Author)


Comparative Evaluation of Four Different Cordless Retraction Systems with Respect to Gingival Displacement – An in Vivo Study.

Dhananjay Dhiren Sheth, Ajay V. Sabane, Rupali Patil, Vasanta1, Stuti C.Jha, Pritesh Mehnge (Author)

1422 - 1431

Quantification of total phenolic, flavonoid content and HPTLC fingerprinting of Senecio laetus

Nazia Banday, Z.A. Bhat, Abdul Jalil Shah, Saba Sabreen (Author)

1445 - 1454

A Case Study of The Threat to Human Security Posed by The Assam Movment

Upama Saikia, Dr. Pobon Kr. Gogoi (Author)

1460 - 1464

Eco-Tourism Prospects and Possibilities in Dehing-Patkai National Park of Assam

Prabahan Puzari, Dr. Santosh Upadhyay (Author)

1487 - 1494

Why does India need a refugee law? : A Critical Study

Smriti Raturi, Prof. (Dr.) Sachin Rastogi (Author)

1495 - 1507

Formation of Nerkattanseval as A Palayam Domain in The Southern Pandya Country

D. Parthasarathi, Dr. Mrs. M. Shyla Kumari (Author)

1521 - 1527

Comparative Evaluation of Four Different Cordless Retraction Systems with Respect to Gingival Displacement – An in Vivo Study.

Dhananjay Dhiren Sheth, Ajay V. Sabane, Rupali Patil, Vasanta,Stuti C.Jha, Pritesh Mehnge (Author)

1536 - 1545

Formulation, Development & Evaluation of Valsartan Tablet

Rajeev Satyarthy, Alok Kumar, Ankit Kumar Saini, Praveen Kumar Jain, Manoj Kumar Mishra, Rajesh K. S., Abhishek Amod Gupta (Author)

1546 - 1555

Formulation, Development and Characterization of Osmotic Tablets Containing Acyclovir

Harshkumar Brahmbhatt, Lavande J. P., Vikas Vasant Patil, Imran A. Sheikh, Rohit, Chamundeswara Srinivasa Akash Kalla, Kaynaz Hussain, Rajeev Ranjan (Author)

1647 - 1655

Formulation, Development, And Characterization of Osmotic Tablets Containing Acyclovir

Harshkumar Brahmbhatt, Lavande J P, *Vikas Vasant Patil, Imran A Sheikh, Rohit, Chamundeswara Srinivasa Akash kalla, Kaynaz Hussain, Rajeev Ranjan (Author)

1665 - 1673

Formulation And Evaluation of an Herbal Ointment containing Neem and Turmeric Extracts

Harshkumar Brahmbhatt, Naseena. P, Nazia Malik, Anasuya Patil*, Yogesh Dagadu Pawar, Ankur Patel, Rajeev Ranjan, Ashish Suttee (Author)

1674- 1684

An Empirical Study on The Adoption of Fintech Services by Bank Customers In India

Alluri Greeshmitha, Nama Krishna Gayathri, Pinnamaraju Pavan Varma (Author)

1715 - 1730

Limnological Studies of Man Sagar lake, Jal Mahal Jaipur, Rajasthan

Sweeti Sharma, Dr. Garima Sharma (Author)


Multidrug Resistance for Some Entero-bacterial Cases from Al-Yarmouk Hospital

Mariam Hamdi Abdulkareem, Noor A. Mohammed (Author)


The Image of Mother in Sharp Objects

Samer Amer Abdulrahman, Nahedh Falih Sulaiman AL-Abbasi (Author)


Significance of Personal Branding in Enhancing Employability

Prof. Ashima Mandar Deshpande, Prof. Anil Gopal Shinde, Prof. Prajakta Kedar Parasnis (Author)

1806 - 1817

A Syntactico-Semantic Analysis of Emotive Adjectives in “The Doll’s House” By Katherine Mansfield

Ekhlas Abd Al-Monaim Ibrahim, Asst. Prof. Ya'arub Mahmoud Hamied (Author)


Multidrug Resistance for Some Entero-bacterial Cases from Al-Yarmouk Hospital

Mariam Hamdi Abdulkareem, Noor A. Mohammed (Author)


Designing a Green Supply Chain Model (Case Study: Behnoor Safety Glass Production Company)

Mohsen Kheirabadi, Adel Azar, Gholamreza Goudarzi (Author)


The Aesthetic Connection: Exploring the Link between Molavi's Poems and George Simmel's Theories

Elaha Jaberi, Tahereh Khabazi, Masoumeh Khodadadi Mahabad (Author)


Texture Analysis and Support Vector Machine for Classifying SEM images of VA-CNTs

Hamed Jabbari, Nooshin Bigdeli, Amire Seyedfaraji (Author)


Word Order in Dramatic Works Linguopoetic Analysis

Sobirov Anvar Kuvandikovichin (Author)


Synergistic Learning: Fostering Collaboration, Engagement, and Community in Modern Education

Shomurod Mustafayev, Zulaykho Nazarova, Murod Normuminov (Author)


A Comparative Analysis of Integration Theory and Disintegration Approach in Understanding the Anatomy of the Persian Gulf Region

Mahdi Eghbalee Mahdiabadi, Ghurbanali Ghurbanzadeh savar, Ebrahim Anooshe (Author)


The Famines of 1888-1889 and 1891-1892: A Comparative Analysis

S. Bharathi, Dr G. Palanivel (Author)

2083 - 2088

Discovering Tenkasi District's Captivating Tourism Attractions

V. Pasumponselvi, Dr. R. Maheswari (Author)

2102 - 2108

Electric Vehicle Integration of Solar Energy with Booster Converter

M.Sangeetha , P.Ranjith kumar , P.Shanthi , G.Malathi , Santhosh P , Dharun R , Vijay S (Author)

2123 - 2132

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